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Enter the Slaughterhouse

For the Good of Science!

9 November 1988
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The basics about 'me' are quite straightforward: I am a person of occasion. I occasionally draw comics and I occasionally write; I can be quite interesting on occasion and I can also be painfully dull. I can occasionally be very serious (that's when I become incomprehensible and ranty) and more than occasionally very annoying.

There isn't much in this world that I am not interested in, but much that I am woefully ignorant of (wines, native South American languages, Nollywood films and thriller novels, to name but a few). I suppose I am one of those people who sees their slightly-less-than-a-century-on-average lifespan as little more than an excuse to remedy this. On the plus side this gives me an excuse to write a blog and interrupt other people's lives (and f-lists) with pedantry and barely earned opinionated...ness. On the down side... this gives me an excuse to write a blog and interrupt other people's lives (and f-lists) with pedantry and barely earned opinionatedness.

Oh, well.

In the spirit of fun, I try to be as disagreeable as possible, especially when it comes to people I actually agree with, or things I enjoy: feel free to join in at any time.

Motto: 'I will try anything twice on the basis that I may have screwed it up the first time'.

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